When the first thought of I want to movepops into a homeowners head, they instantly look around and think wow, we have a lot to do. This is where many problems begin, right after this first thought. More times than not, homeowners jump the gun with over excessive remodels that arent actually necessary. Not only can it ruin an aesthetic of a home, but it can be very costly. The Shaffer Team is here to help you avoid these types of projects so you can shorten the length of a sale and help you keep personal costs low.


Upscaling Your Bathroom


Believe it or not, bathrooms are one of the finest selling points of a home. The biggest takeaway before considering a bathroom upscale is to ask yourself, If I didnt renovate the bathroom when I lived here, do I need to remodel?The simplest way to evaluate a bathroom is to look at the space, modernity, and the plumbing situation. Instead of installing a brand-new shower or tub, simple fixes could include re-caulking, putting in a more modern sink/vanity, or painting the space. Install new light fixtures and present modern decor for viewings. 


Average Cost: $25,000



Gym Studio


Something to note about Southern Utah is that many families live an active lifestyle. Whether they are participating in recreational sports or doing private trainings, it's almost always there. Many families who build and design their own homes in this area add in a studio that can be used for working out on machines, doing yoga, or for dancing. If your current home does not include a studio, put it at the bottom of your list. The reality is that there are many gyms in the area and although some homes may possess a studio, a simple space where workouts can be done is completely acceptable. When the home is being shown, The Shaffer Team makes a point to paint the picture for the potential homebuyer. We help clients envision an open space as a place for their athleticism, so you dont have to create that space with on your own dollar.


Typical Cost: $27,000


Movie Theater Room


The most desirable room for a family to spend time together is in a movie theater room. We cant stand this statement. Although yes, we see several listings with this room, the costs are just not worth the penny. Not only do you have to provide seating, but also the technology. The Shaffer Team reasons that a well presented space where the activity center is housed can provide this sense of a perfect family night. We put our focus on designing a space where the entire family can come together and enjoy each other's company without a built-in personal movie theater space.


Typical Cost: $30,000


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