We want to tell you about the most glamorous lifestyle: being a real estate agent with a house full of kids. Ha! Our life as realtors is a little crazy, but oh man, we love it.  It’s personally and professionally rewarding and challenging all at the same time. Here’s a look into our day-to-day:


Alone Time

Did I say alone time? That’s right. While it might seem like there’s not potential for alone time in a home office with four young children, there actually is. We spend hours (school hours) a day in our remodeled home office (we now each have our own personal workspace: a must) sifting through escrow paperwork or updating the website with new listings. Our faithful smartphone calendars act as a lifeline to keeping our work and home life organized.


On the Go

There’s never time to be bored as a real estate professional. We’re constantly running to meetings, showings, and open houses. The best part is: we often get to do this as a team. There’s no better co-worker than your spouse.


Actively Enhance Communication Skills

We, as the “Shaffer Team”, do in fact work together. Our work/life relationship can be challenging, but it’s making us stronger. Some days we forget who is picking up the kids from activities, other days we discuss clients and their progression through the sales process. As you can see, there is constant communication. However, every day there is one thing that never changes: our consistent love for one another. We are each other's rock and this in itself gets us through each challenging day.


We Never Get Bored

This statement holds the utmost truth. There is no time to get bored in life as a real estate agent. There are many nights we do not get to sleep until 4am. Sleep? What is sleep? We sure don’t know. On a more personal level, we currently have 10 listings. 9 homes, 1 land, and several in escrow. While this is a busy time of year for us, we still strive to put our four beautiful children first. As a family we make sacrifices, however, strength is what allows us to make it through challenging days.


Spring is Easy

For accountants, the busiest time of the year is tax season. Within the real estate realm, our “tax season” is the spring. Most home buyers want to be in before summer ends, which may mean a lot of sleepless nights for the real estate professionals. We can handle it though because selling your home is one of our top priorities. Plus, everything tends to slow down a bit in the heat of summer.


Work-Life Balance



You sure do get a work-life balance. When we say work-life balance, we mean that you will have equally challenging days with work and home life. Luckily, a couple of nights a week we allocate evenings packed with non-real estate business with our children. Unfortunately this week, our kids wanted to play “Real Estate Agents”. We took it with a grain of salt and sat back and realized how much we love them. If they want to be “us” in our day-to-day, then we must be leaving some impact on them.


This is the glamorous life that we would not exchange for anything. Notably, there are challenges and some days test us. But at the end of the day we look at the amazing family we have created and provide for. This in itself makes all the struggles worth it.


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