Tips for Relocating to St. George, UT

We’ve said it time and time again, when it comes to relocating to St. George and the surrounding area, you will experience a life of wholesome community and nature. Even though there is much development currently happening in the city, the nature continues to standout thanks to the roaring red rocks. When you explore the many neighborhoods in the area, you will find that each are unique to their own. Let’s take a look at a few key points you should take with you before considering a relocation to this beautiful city.


Average Neighborhood Costs

We acknowledge that although St. George is primarily home-owned oriented, there is still a large percentage that makes up our renter population. For apartment, condo, and townhome rentals, you should plan to pay a monthly cost of around $800-1,000. If you'd prefer to own a home rather than rent, expect to pay $1,500-2,500 per month at a minimum. If you are looking for something with a few more upgrades, you will most likely see prices of around $2,500-3,500 per month. For those who are looking to splurge on a luxury home, expect to see homes listed at values between $3,000 and $5,000 per month.


Be Commuter Friendly


St. George is extremely spread out. If you are planning to relocate to this city, be sure to take into consideration of moving with a car. If you are looking to live in the area without a vehicle, be sure to take a gander at the public transportation system and its stops relevant to the places you expect to be traveling to and from.


Get Ready for Suburbia

St. George prides themselves in being a highly family-oriented community. There are larger-than-average families living in the city which therefore means more schools, playgrounds, parks, and opportunities for your children to make friends and meet other kids their ages. Another valuable aspect about this suburban lead city is the fact that many families choose to carpool with other families, offering additional resources for community.


Before You Settle In

Below are a few things to remember to take care of within 30 days or so of moving into your new place in St. George:


Obtain your Driver’s License (if Out-of-State): The state expects you to notify of any address change within 10 days, so be sure to get this done as soon as possible. You can find resources for renewing your ID, here.


Set up Trash and Recycling: Help keep St. George clean and eco-friendly by registering your home.


Register to Vote!: This is an election year so be sure to save yourself the trouble by registering to vote when you apply or renew your license.


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