Selling Your Surrounding: Southern Utah



As home buyers begin the search for their dream home, they take many factors into consideration. Sure, the listing may be staged to perfection and your price is on par with the market, but reality is that many home buyers make their purchase merely for the surroundings. So how do you go about selling your surroundings?


The great thing about Southern Utah is the natural beauty practically sells itself. Confirm to potential buyers that the town has activities specifically for kids, adults, and the whole family. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:


Gear Up for National & State Parks


There are many amazing parks right in Southern Utah’s backyard!


Our Recommendation: Zions National Park



With stunning red rocks soaring above your head from every angle, Zions National Park offers a full day of hiking, climbing, and even river excursions through the Narrows. For buyers with a screaming desire to walk onto the set of ‘NASA faked the moon landing’, Zions is the place. Its breathtaking beauty makes it hard to believe it’s real.


Sights to Sell


Tuacahn Center for the Arts


At Tuacahn, potential home buyers can experience exciting performances ranging from concerts and comedy to musical theater productions. A perfect family night adventure that will leave you with laughter and a love for the arts.


Our Recommendation: Tuacahn Summer Broadway Series


St. George, Utah


If you drive southbound on Interstate-15, home buyers will eventually run into the humbling city of St. George (our favorite!). Similar to the whole of Southern Utah, the natural surroundings of St. George sells itself. A few must do’s are walking through Town Square Park (riding the carousel), climbing the city’s infamous rocky mountain, “Dixie Rock”, and playing a quick 18-holes of golf at one of the many courses in the city.


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