Motivation is something that all humans need in order to be productive in their lives. One of the hardest things right now is wrapping our quarantined brains around the idea of finding self-motivation for many of our day-to-day tasks. Depending on the person, this could include cleaning, being productive or creative at work, or putting your phone down and reading a good book.


When we talk about keeping our home clean (with 4 kids in the house!) to clients or even close friends, many of them respond, keeping what house clean!? It’s true, cleaning and overall organization of household items has been harder to keep up with. So, we have put our heads together to come up with a few productivity hacks that will get you off your feet.


Sticky Notes

We love this hack because you get to leave your personal mantras around the house for you to see all day. The idea is to write out tasks that you need or want to accomplish on a sticky note. These tasks could include, do the dishes, call a friend, or organize / tidy the living room. After writing down 5 -10 tasks on different sticky notes, place them in areas in your home that you frequent the most. For example, we like to put our sticky notes on the fridge door, by light switches, on our favorite box of cereal, next to a phone charging station, or on our home office desk. Try out a few different locations yourself. Which ones work best for you?


Put “Organization Time” on Your Calendar

Psychology tells us that for something to become a habit, we have to do a task 30 days in a row. So, we recommend putting a chunk of time (whether that be 30 minutes or an hour) into your schedule. Set up reminders on your phone or place it on your calendar so that you get a notification at the same time every day to organize or a task you want to get done. As the theory goes, after 30 days, you won’t even need a reminder, you will be motivated to do it anyways!


Kids Hate Cleaning But They Love Organizing

We firmly believe that there is a special skill in motivating kids to clean (without scowls or tears). Most of us remember having chores and earning a dollar or two a week. Instead of asking them to do chores, re-frame your language as doing an organizational task. “Can you help organize the pantry, toy bin, etc.?” They will be more likely to see it as a project rather than a chore.


Find an Home Organizational Show

For us, the easiest way for us to get motivated is to see how other people are implementing their organizational strategies. There are endless amounts of these shows on networks like HGTV. Here’s a two of our favorites:

  • Tidying Up With Marie Kondo (Netflix)
  • Amazing Interiors (Netflix)


Create a Pinterest Board for Inspiration

Yes, we know this is an oldie, but it’s still a goodie. Since the pandemic, creativity levels have risen exponentially as people are stuck at home staring at the same room setup or organizational bins every day. Whether it be a DIY project or an Amazon haul, create your own board on Pinterest specifically designated for organization of your home.


The Bottom Line

 There are hundreds of different ways you can get yourself motivated. Think about ways you motivate yourself to work out, eat healthy, or be on time. Can you apply some of those techniques to tidying up your home? We’d love to hear all of your ideas!


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