New Kitchen Trends



All White Kitchens are Out

That’s right - you read it correctly. All-white kitchens are now on their way out. But if you’ve recently remodeled to get the all-white look - don’t fret. We have the solution for you. Right now, there are two fads coming into play: white with a splash of color and dark, dark, dark everything.

Our suggestion would be to replace any white appliances with stainless-steel. This will naturally darken the room and draw less attention to the light aesthetic. If feasible, trade in those white granite countertops for a darker marble, grey-scaled concrete, or something with a matte finish. When it comes to decor, introduce darker woods or anything copper.

Dark Kitchens are In

When we say dark - we mean it. Gray-scaled cabinetry, darker woods, and stainless steel appliances are what to aim for. Our favorite trend we’re seeing in new homes is highlights of copper. It has the wow-factor, while remaining completely functional.

The most desirable kitchens for 2019 are mood-setting. They are becoming less vibrant to bring a calmer setting to the table. This dim-lit mood allows for relaxed conversations over dinner and a gradual wake-up in the mornings.

Can My Kitchen Be Smart?

Absolutely, 100% yes. Investing in smart kitchen appliances not only modernizes your space but makes it more inviting. The easiest way to introduce smart technology into your kitchen is to focus on appliances: microwaves, refrigerators and ovens. Smart appliances have been shown to help increase a home’s selling power.

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