The sales process of a home isn’t always the quickest or easiest experience. But for many, this is a known expectation. What isn’t an expectation is the new curveballs the pandemic has thrown in its effect on real estate. Real estate agents have had to get crafty, not only to maintain compliance with state regulations, but also to keep clients feeling safe. Let’s take a look at some of the changes we’ve seen over the past few months.


An Increase in Zoom Meetings 


In most of the world, we’ve seen a rise in web-based meetings when attempting to stay connected, conduct business, and maintain operations. For the real estate industry, these web-based meetings have brought in new and unique changes. Virtual showings or and video walkthroughs are more common than not.  As a result, our team is now full of professional Facetime television producers, to say the least! It has also given us the opportunity to serve those who are at high-risk and cannot leave the safety of their homes. 


We have seen agents conducting contract signing via Zoom, referral meetings, and final closes. That’s right, agents have been sitting in virtual meeting rooms with their clients and walking them through documents in preparation for the final close of a sale. So, if you are at high risk or just do not feel safe navigating the home sale process with Pre-COVID-19 standards, the Shaffer Team is here for you.


An Enhanced Digital Marketing Strategy

The industry has already been using digital means to market different homes and properties that are for sale through the use of tools such as a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Previously, emails or quick phone calls were exchanged back and forth between agents and potential buyers. However, hopping on a video-chat and putting a friendly face to the property has become more common, even for less “important” topics of discussion. We expect that this will most likely continue beyond the stretch of the pandemic as it is becoming an easier way to develop relationships between sellers, agents, and buyers. 


In addition to this, the use of personal social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have been more prevalent as many are relying on their existing network for word-of-mouth marketing.


Relocation Changes

 A common conversation that occurs during and near the end of the sale of a home, is discussion around relocation and the big move. There have been many industry experts chiming in with their thoughts on how to do it safely. Regardless of what is being said, the trend we are seeing is that more families are willing to rent a UHAUL and move themselves with the help of friends or family who are not sick. Some buyers are worried about hiring movers and having them touch their belongings. What are your thoughts on relocating and remaining safe?


Stay Safe During House Showings


There are a dozen safety best practices any buyer or seller can use when attending a house showing. We recommend keeping the viewing party small, not touching any unnecessary surfaces or door knobs, and staying home if you are under-the-weather. There are many other ways to view a home whether that be virtual, or sending a friend or family member who is not sick to view and take pictures or video chat you.


The Bottom Line

There have been many changes to the industry and they may keep changing. We’re seeing that professionals in the field are truly getting creative and we are excited to see where the sales process goes. Will it ever look the same or will the pandemic actually lead the industry to strategies that will stick?


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