Raise your hand if you’re working from home. Raise your hand if your job now allows you to work virtually. Although this pandemic has affected us in many different ways, the nature of working and life itself has been evolving and will most likely continue to do so. We’re now seeing a new (strange but exciting) trend with the current housing market in St. George. Usually, when more jobs become available in Southern Utah, or even in Las Vegas, the demand for housing goes up. However, as a result of the pandemic, the job market is remaining the same, but the housing market is stronger than ever. 


Let’s break it down. The tech market seemingly controls the rate at which a city grows. Look at Seattle, once a moderately populated city. Microsoft moved in, the population went up. And again the same trend when Amazon moves in. Now they have Tableau, Salesforce, the whole thing. So, what does this mean for you? Simply, the culture of 9-5’s are going virtual or completely remote allowing single and multi-families to pack up their current homes and move to places they’ve dreamed about living. What we’re loving is that one of these “places people are dreaming about living in” is right here in St. George. More people are able to move to this city and will bring the tech market with them which could then potentially allow for this city to help its current job market grow.


So, we know that more folks are moving to St. George because of their new ability to work remotely. But are there any other indicators? Why yes! When you look at some of the heavy restrictions that more populated cities are enforcing due to the pandemic, you are able to pick out many who are tired of feeling afraid to simply go to the store. We are finding that because St. George and its surrounding area is less populated, there is a significantly lower rate of COVID-19 cases. We are assuming that many people are interested in moving to our city simply because they are able to resume life somewhat close to what we previously called “normal”. 


What we love about St. George is that it’s a small enough city that you don’t have to worry about a multiple hour-long commute home but its large enough where there is actually something to do around town. If you’re looking to relocate to St. George, now is the perfect opportunity as its residents are ready for the city to gradually grow.


The last thing we want to touch on is the idea that in these past few months of isolation, creativity has begun to flow in the minds of homeowners. They’ve thought about the homes they are wanting to build. As a result, the boredom of 2020 has brought us anything but a low buyer demand. If you are in the market for a new house or are thinking about selling your home, now is the time to do so. With all of these new St. George folks moving into town, homes are closing faster than ever and we couldn’t be more excited.



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