Housing Trends From the Early 2000’s You Definitely Forgot About


The year is 2005. Your friends that were college sweethearts just moved into a new space. They are the first of your friends to make their next adulthood move to purchase a new home. At first, you were excited for them, but then they wouldn’t stop talking about the strangest things. Bronze faucets? Removing walls? And what in the world is Shabby Chic? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on what we used to call “in-style”.


All White Kitchens


If you pick your brain for a few seconds, you may remember the hype about having your cabinetry not only match your appliances but also your countertops. This trend came about right around the turn of the century. The only explanation we can come up with is that many people were tired of the vivid colors from the three decades prior. Look - we totally get it. Having an all-white kitchen gives you a blank canvas for your earthy decor and “kitchie” items. It can also make the room feel larger and more spacious. 


But we’ve now moved into another decade where kitchens are being transformed dramatically again but with dark-wooded cabinetry, gray-scaled granite, and stainless steel appliances. The moods of modern kitchens are becoming darker which offers a quiet and calming ambiance. Folks are also relying on their countertop appliances and plants to guide the decor of the space.


Shabby Chic


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For some reason, many homes looked like modern-day boutiques. We’re not kidding. This trend can be described as basically letting a childhood tea party set explode all over the walls, doilies, and all. Some folks were not ready to let go of the 20th century, so to welcome the new millennium into existence, they would purchase and upholster 60-year-old furniture, decor, and appliances to bring life back to old times. Remember that old wooden dresser your grandfather had in his study? Well, if it were 2005 again, that wooden dresser would most likely now be painted with a Tiffany Blue as well as distressed edges.


If we were to look for any comparable styles or trends to Shabby Chic, you would not find one easily here in 2020. We can say that rustic and antique styles are consistently in and we’re loving it.


Green Accent Walls


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Whether it was your hallway or room with deep brown colors, for some reasons we all thought having a lime green or forest green accent wall was a good idea. Thinking back on those times, fake plants were commonly found in homes. This idea of having a green thumb inside and outside became the norm and we firmly believe this is why folks painted green accent walls. Looking to more modern times, accent walls are typically the opposite of eye-catching. Many neutral colors are used to set the accent mood of a room or a wall fixture.


Other Honorable Mentions


Sleigh Beds


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Nautical Motifs

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Tuscan Kitchens


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