Dream Homes in St. George


We have a confession to make. We’re sure that there are many lovely homes all across the country, but we firmly believe that you won’t find a more suitable home than in St. George. We’ve lived in the area for quite some time now and the more the city grows, the more creative homeowners get with their architecture. Here’s what our dream home in St. George will most likely include:


Pools, Pools, & More Pools



One of the most common architectural pieces that you’ll find in the St. George are pools that are built with authentic red rock. Many homeowners put a lot of time, effort and resources toward bringing in rocks from local places to the area. Depending on the scale of the pool, you will find that they have sandbars, waterslides, and hot tubs - perfect for a family weekend.



Uniquely the Same

One quality about the homes in the surrounding St. George area is that many of them appear to look the same. Cobblestones, grand entryways, and front-facing balconies. But each home has its own special attribute with its own telling story. As St. George continually grows and new neighborhoods are developed, you see that each new home is adapted in new ways. We love visiting our friends’ homes as each is built and catered toward their family aesthetic. 



Backyards are the New Outdoor Park


A backyard is an important aspect to a sustainable home here in St. George. As you view many listings you will find they are complete with a pool (obviously!), a grassy area, a trampoline, and sometimes even a rock wall. Homes in the area promote athletic play and are great for hosting get-togethers with neighbors because of its spacious feel.


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