Some weeks we’re surprised we don’t have a reality show. The things we deal with daily are humorous, stressful, downright crazy and slightly unbelievable. But we’ve chosen this life, this career path. And we wouldn’t change a thing.

We are a family of six: Nate, Kim, Ireland, 11, Eden, 10, Quinn ,7, and Quade, 4. We have learned to work together as a family to maintain our busy lifestyle.  Without each member pitching in, we would not be where we are today.

While the adults are being grown-ups and running the business, the kids definitely keep us on our toes.

● Our oldest, Ireland is a charismatic eleven-year-old. She has a passion for music and loves to play volleyball.

● Eden may be a year younger than Ireland, but she sometimes acts like her big sister. She’s super responsible, and also loves music and soccer.

● Quinn is our sport-loving son who enjoys football, soccer, basketball and anything outdoors.

● Our youngest son, Quade, is a busy four-year-old who loves preschool, playgroup and soccer.



Lunch Dates

This week we were finally able to go on a date. And by date, we mean that a title company took us to lunch. We even got to sit next to each other! We love these dates because some weeks it feels like we hardly see each other. These surprise lunches with clients and title companies are one of our favorite ways to sit down and catch up.

We are excited that summer is right around the corner. Business starts to slow down (after a hectic spring!) and we look forward to connecting with friends, family, and colleagues.

Want to Connect?

The Shaffer team is always looking to expand our network and get to know members of the community. Call us today if you have any real estate questions or would like to connect at (435) 703-8885.