Over the past few months, we’ve discussed key elements to prepare you for the sale of your home. While we’re sure you’ve been reading article after article or magazine issue after issue, we want to provide you with even more resources as you enter this exciting time. Let’s take a look at a few mobile applications you should have in your back pocket before and during your home sales process.


Coming in at #4, is Zillow. Popularly known as the site for providing a hub for listings and alerts with their “Zestimates”, Zillow will allow you to compare pricing on homes similar to yours. We like to call it the Kelly Blue Book of real estate. Zillow offers various articles to educate you on real estate lingo for those who are new to the sales process. It also offers resources for loan options and tips for managing your finances and mortgages.

 Photo by Zillow


What we’re loving about the Zillow app is that it also showcases information regarding the housing market as it is being affected by the current climate with the pandemic. Paired with this is another great feature relating to the need for social distancing; this app allows you to shoot your own 3D Home tour.


Next up is Realtor.com Real Estate App; taking the #3 spot in our rankings. We love this app as we do Zillow because it includes almost everything that Zillow offers when it comes to listing searches and alerts. However, we find this app is a step up (in our opinion) as it allows you to snap a quick photo of any For Sale sign and get all relevant details of the property.


Landing in the #2 position is the Nest App. If you don’t have a Nest device in your home space, we highly recommend that you invest in one or a few. Nest is a great addition to a home as you can control the thermostat remotely from your phone, but is also allows you to view security footage (live) from the various Nest devices you may put in and around your home. 


Photo by Nest


This app is a great addition to your preparedness so you are able to control the temperature of the space when a showing is happening if you are not there. It is also a great way to keep track and monitor the space as a showing is happening. This can allow you to view which rooms potential buyers are spending more time in so you can analyze the changes you may need to make. Along with this, potential buyers in today’s market are loving the incorporation of smart home devices.



Finally, our #1 recommended app for you to download is, Houzz. Why do we love this app? To put it short, this app helps you visualize the maximum potential of any space that you have in your home. It offers state-of-the-art renovation recommendations to increase the value of a home. If you know us, we firmly believe that to get the most out of a sale, requires you to give a little in order to get A LOT. The smallest of detail changes will ultimately increase the attention-grabbing aspects of your home as potential buyers walk through and view it. This app is a one-stop-shop for all of your inspiration needs to navigate remodeling, redecorating, and staging. 


Photo by Houzz


The Bottom Line

The Shaffer Team will always remain as your #1 for support, suggestions, and housing market knowledge, but there is never any harm with having on-the-go tools to capture all aspects of creating the “perfect” home for your potential buyers. If you have any questions about any of these apps that we use, we’d love to chat about it!


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