Whether you are marketing the sale of your home or seeking new housing options, it is always important to have an understanding of the local schooling system. Even if you are a family without kids, understanding the rating of a school could potentially describe the state of the surrounding area of that school. We’ve compiled a few schools to keep your eye on if you are selling or purchasing a home in the St. George area.


George Washington Academy (GWA) – Charter School

This school is well known for its academics and rigor of curriculum which leaves the students more than prepared as they enter their high school years. GWA has recently reported that they hold a 22:1 student-teach ratio for their 1,016 Kindergarten – 8th-grade population. When it comes to ratings, Niche provided the school with a #2 spot in several awards including, Best Public Elementary Schools in Utah, Best Public Elementary School Teachers in Utah, and Best Public Middle Schools in Utah. Test score reporting showed a 70% proficiency in Reading and a 74% mathematics proficiency.


DSU SUCCESS Academy – Charter High School

DSU is also well known for its high school academics and highly-educated teachers. This tight-knit community includes 237 students for grades 10 through 12. Looking at school accolades, it received several different rankings including #7 Best Charter High Schools in Utah, #9 Best Public High Schools in Utah, and #11 Best High Schools for STEM in Utah. Looking specifically at academics, they maintain a 72% proficiency in reading and an 82% proficiency in mathematics.


Crimson View School – Public Elementary School

Crimson is, as the previously named schools, highly rated in St. George. Last year they instructed 806 students between the grades of Kindergarten to 5th grade. Their teacher-student ratio stood at 34:1, which may seem higher than others, however, their renowned teachers and their proficiency scores showcase no marginal differences among other schools. Their academics sit at 78% proficiency in reading and a 78% proficiency in mathematics.


Pine View Middle School – Public Middle School

Pine View is a well-known public middle school in St. George. They hold a student-teach ratio of 24 to 1 and instruct grades 8th-9th. They have claimed the award of #15 Best Public Middle Schools in Utah and have proficiency ratings of 53% for Reading and 47% for Math.


The Bottom Line

Something to mention if you are not familiar with the Southern Utah primary and secondary education system is that they are not as traditional as other states in the country. Commonly, a student will spend Kindergarten through 5th grade in elementary school and then move on to an intermediate school for grades 6 and 7. Middle school will hold the 8th and 9th graders and high school will provide years 10-12. The charter schools may operate differently as well, so it is important to research the schools your kids may attend based on where your home is located.


Of course, there are many other note-worthy schools in the area and we suggest you take some time to look at the difference between academic offerings. St. George takes pride in its academics, school cultures, and college preparation for its students and any school would be lucky to have your child attend.


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